Many settings will have vehicles which characters can operate. Vehicles are just like characters, but instead of skills, they have features.


Vehicles have features applicable to the setting. These features add additional skill dice to the pool when the character is using them. The number of dice added depends on how advanced it is.

Some example features for a spy game would be engines, weapons (E.g. flamethrower, grenade launcher, machine gun, rocket launcher, SMG), and systems (E.g. ejector seat, emergency parachute, nitro, oil slick spray, radar, self-destruct, smoke dispenser, scanners). For a sci-fi game some example features include sensors, engines, navigation systems, and weapons.


Strength represents the number of hits the vehicle can take before malfunctioning. Small vehicles have 4, medium 5, and large 6.


Vehicle armor works exactly like character armor. There are 3 levels for armor and each level provides armor points for the vehicle.


A random feature malfunctions when Strength - Malfunctions - Hits = 0. Reset the hit count to 0 after a malfunction. The malfunctioning feature must be repaired before being used again. The vehicle is KOʼd when it has 3 un-repaired malfunctions.


When in a chase, roll the appropriate skill including the vehicles engine and compare the number of successes to the enemies vehicles maneuver rating.


See Combat. When in a chase, the maneuver roll may grant advantage or disadvantage to fight rolls.

Enemy Vehicles

Most stay down when they are KOʼd.







Upgrades can be purchased to increase features to a max of 3.

Sample Vehicle

Vehicle: Truck

Strength: 5

Malfunctions: 0

Hits: 0

Armor: 1


Engine: 2

Off Roading: 2

Scanners: 1

Machine Gun: 1