Every game will likely have a an opportunity for gambling at some point. Players will be able to join in and try to win some rounds to increase their coffers. These rules are flavored for the Wild West, but they can easily be changed to fit any setting.

Step 1: Table Setup

Determine the ability of the table they are going to join. This ability will come into play when rolling and cheating.


Fair to Middlin'


Note For Facilitators:

Since more players gambling at once makes it too easy for the party to make money, we suggest that if two or more players are gambling, the table should be Fair to Middlin' or harder. If three or more players are gambling, the table should be Ace-High.

Establish the amount of the pot and the buy-in, then deduct the buy-in amount from the gambling characters. The buy-in amount should increase as the table's ability increases.

Set the Suspicion Meter to 0.

Step 2: Gamble

To gamble, players roll the characters Gambling skill 3 times to get the number of successes determined by the table's ability. The first player to get the required number of successes wins. In the case of a tie, players roll opposing Gambling rolls. The one with the most successes wins.

Players can cheat on any of their rolls (except tie breakers) by taking advantage. But, be careful. The table may catch them. See Step 3.

If a character wins, they get the pot, otherwise the pot value is reset.

Step 3: Did They Get Caught Cheating?

If the winner cheated on any roll, check to see if the table suspects anything by asking the Table Oracle.

Table Oracle

Add the suspicion meter to the result, then consult the following to see how the table reacts.

1-2 "No, and" or “No” - Ya swindled 'em good! The table begrudgingly accepts the outcome.

3 "No, but" - Yer gettin' rusty! The table is suspicious, but they don't act on it. Add 1 to the Suspicion Meter.

4 "Yes, but" - Better start fast talkin'. The table voices their suspicion, but doesn't immediately act on it. Add 1 to the Suspicion Meter.

5 "Yes" - They ain't happy and are lettin' ya know. The table starts raisin' a ruckus and makes it known they caught ya red handed. They will get aggressive, but won't attack immediately. No more gambling for you.

6+ "Yes, and" - Ya no good cheat!!! The table immediately starts a fight. You’re definitely not welcome back.