Characters will inevitably find enhanced items which provide special abilities or bonuses to the characters. There are two options depending on how detailed you want the items to be. Option 1 is very simple. Option 2 is also simple, but allows for more nuanced item creation.

Option 1: Add Skill Die

Rare items add additional skill dice to the pool when applicable. The number of dice added depends on how advanced the item is.

Option 2: Multiple Abilities

Rare items can have a passive ability which is always in effect and an active ability that requires a roll to activate. To see if an items active ability activates, roll 1d6 when using it. The ability activates when the item die lands on a 5 or 6. An item can do many things including:

Here are some examples of items with passive and active abilities. Some of these show how the optional rules for moving and adding pips work.

Ring of Strength

Lightning Staff

Dagger of Quickness

Ring of Life

Brutal Warhammer

Sniper Scope

Night Vision Goggles

Climbing Gear