Available Games

There are multiple games available for download that use and expand on the FlexD6 core mechanic and rules.


Neon Skylines - A rules-lite Cyberpunk RPG with player facing rolls and fast/deadly combat. Bring your own setting or use the awesome Augmented Reality to drive the game.


Heroic Tales - A rules-lite fantasy RPG which built on player facing rolls and fast/deadly combat. If you're interested in fast/simple games and rulings over rules, this is your game.


Aphelion Transit - A rules-lite Sci-Fi RPG based on the same mechanics used for Neon Skylines and Heroic Tales. Fast to play, learn, and teach. It includes spaceships, psionics, and cybernetics - everything you'd expect to find in a Sci-Fi RPG!


Covert - A rules-lite role playing game that puts you in the shoes of secret agents going on risky and exciting missions in a modern setting.