Step 3: Create A Character

Before you get started, check out the sample character to get a feel for what you'll be creating. Want a character sheet for your game? Go to the Downloads page and find one. We'll wait for ya.

1: Pick A Role

Creating a character starts with picking a role which fits into the setting described in Step 2. The role will be used to determine what the character is skilled in, the equipment they have, their description, and more.

The Characters page explains the role and how it applies in more detail.

2: Select Skills

Next, select 4 skills they are good at which start at level 1. See the Skills page for details about the skills. The setting defined in Step 2 may also have an impact on the available skills for the character. For example, a Space setting may have skills for piloting a spaceship and psionics. 

3: Select Special Abilities

Depending on the game, the character can have 1 or many special abilities. In some games, the characters species may also provide a special ability. Review all of the options and select the special abilities for the character. See Special Abilities for more information.

4: Set Remaining Stats

Come up with a name, physical description, and set the other stats like HP. See Stats for more information.

5: Select Starting Equipment

Assume the character has basic gear matching their concept and a weapon of choice.

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