Core Mechanic

This is the core mechanic used in all the FlexD6 role playing games. It is a fast and simple mechanic which can be used for a wide variety of genres. It can also be customized to suit your needs as a game developer.

How Does It Work?

The mechanic is a simple dice pool of 1 to 9 D6 based on the situation and the character's skill, abilities, and items. While all the dice are the same (D6's), there are different types of dice in the pool which are interpreted differently.

Check Dice

The number of check dice added to the pool depends on the situation. These dice serve as the foundation and may be the only dice in the pool.

You'll never roll less than 1 or more than 3 check dice.

Edge Dice

Edge dice are added to the pool for reasons like items, skills, special abilities, or even vehicles.

Important: Edge dice should be a different size and/or color from the Check dice so they can be evaluated separately.

You'll never roll more than 6 edge dice.

Determining Success or Failure

Roll all the dice at once. The roll is considered a success if any of the Check dice land on a 5+, or if any of the Edge dice land on a 6.

Interpreting The Results

A single roll can determine success as well as effectiveness. For example, in combat, an attack roll with no successes could indicate the character takes damage instead of the enemy. A successful attack roll could inflict damage equal to the number of successes + weapon bonus. 

Another example could be hacking into a computer system. A target of 2 successes could be set for the hacking attempt. The character would then roll their hacking skill to see if they get 2 successes for hacking that computer.

Target Difficulties

Use the number of successes when setting a difficulty level for a roll.


Saves are just like any other roll.


You may use this mechanic as-is or customize it to make a game. The license is open and only requires you to add attribution to this mechanic in your work. You may not use FlexD6 in any product which promotes or supports bigotry, racism, sexism, homophoby, and similar mentalities. If you’re a supremist in any way, stay away from FlexD6.

Revision: 1.1