Special Abilities

Each character has at least one special ability and if you'd like to use an optional rule, they can have multiple special abilities. These special abilities are linked to the character Role and/or Species if the genre uses them. For example, in a Cyberpunk game the Netrunner would be an Expert Hacker. In a Fantasy game, a Wolfkind species would have Sensitive Smell and Hearing. Connecting a special ability to a skill allows characters to make their special ability even more powerful as they advance the skill associated with it. As the Netrunner advances their Hacking skill, they will be formidable. A Wolfkind character with the Tracking skill would lock in on any trace of a sent or sound.

Special abilities generally grant automatic advantage. Ideally, they allow the characters to do things that most can't. Here are some sample special abilities to get you thinking. For more complete examples, see the games in the Downloads section. 

Species Examples

Role Examples