A Rules Lite, Genre Neutral Role Playing Game

First, thanks!

Thanks to the authors of awesome games like MiniSix, Knave, TinyD6, and countless others. You have inspired many to throw together games like this. 

Second, it's free!

The games which area based on FlexD6 are and always will be free. I've no intention to make money off of this. I wanted to create a game system that is easy to learn, teach, and play. The goal is to make something that will work across genre and setting.

Third, share!

If you make house rules, skills, special abilities, or anything else that you think would benefit others who play FlexD6, please share it.

Finally, a PDF!

If you'd like a more condensed version of this SRD in PDF format, see the downloads page for games based on the FlexD6 system.